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Best olive oil buying guide

The health benefits of olive oil cannot be overemphasized as they have been found to make impressive impacts in our lives. With reference to immeasurable effect it has had on our lives over the years, it has been considered the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diets, being a very important part of the world’s oldest creatures.

The major health benefits and researched predictions that olive oil have effected include; reduction of risk and recurrence of breast cancer, prevention of diabetes, and reduction of the possibility of strokes. It has been known to fight osteoporosis, prevent depression with its soothing scent, and prevent skin cancer as well as the Alzheimer’s disease, most particular to old folks.

Buying Guide for the Best Olive Oil

The following factors should be put into consideration when buying olive oil.

The Bottle/ Container: Exposure to light and heat, accelerate the rate of degradation of olive oil, thereby losing it pristine flavor at a fast rate. For this reason, always buy an olive oil in a dark/tinted bottle or can.

Label: The standard of olive oil is usually indicated on the label. Some of the qualities are light, mild, virgin, extra virgin etc. Of all these standards, always go for the extra virgin.

Taste and Feel: A good olive oil is characterized as having a bitter, pungent, and fruity feel when tasted. A sweet taste is not a sign of a healthy olive oil.

Reviews Of The Best Olive Oil

These products have been selected according to customer reviews, impressive ratings on amazon and in accordance with the terms discussed above.

Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is the number 1 best-selling olive oil on amazon. It has won numerous awards such as fruitiest oil and best choice by New York Times. It was awarded and certified by American olive oil association (NAOOA), making it a globally certified olive oil. It has a fruity aroma and a very nice flavor.

This top-notch olive oil is made and packaged in Spain(Castilla –la Mancha). It is packaged in a colorful container, to preserve it for a longer period. The olives used in making this olive oil is firstly cold pressed, then it is mixed and blended with a number of other nice olive varieties such as Picual(mostly found in Spain), and Hojiblanca olive, this gives it flavor, a touch of pepper and fresh basil. It is suitable for all kinds of food depending on how much you like using olive oil in your dishes.

Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The record speaks for the Partanna extra virgin Olive oil, a three-time gold medal winner in olive oil and one best of class at the Los Angeles county fair, the number one choice of the most celebrity chef. This olive oil has a distinctive herbaceous aroma and rich flavor, making it suitable for drizzling, finishing foods and dressing dishes. It is grown and packaged in Sicily only in October.

It has being a family trade of the Asaro Family as far back as 1916, and the oil quality and standard has been given the highest priority up until date. The olive oil packaged in a beautiful opaque container of various sizes, this helps to increase the shelf life of the olive oil. The oil is greenish in color at first but becomes clearer over time. It acidity level is low making it a good choice for nearly all food.

Papa Vince Family Made Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is one of the finest olive oil in the market. This olive oil is a cold press of fresh green olive. That accounts for its aromatic and light flavor. It has a little touch of lemon, tomatoes, artichokes and pepper. All these flavors are not noticed at once, but gradually as you continue to savor the taste of this high-quality olive oil.

Farmers in Sicily, who are committed to producing quality olive oils, rather than quantity, cultivate the olives used for producing this olive oil. The olive oil is 100% monocultivar and it is not mass produced. This Olive oil contains ingredients that help in combating various diseases in the body. The health benefits offered by this olive oil includes protection against diseases such as digestive inflammation, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. and It is also cholesterol is packaged in an opaque container, which protects the olive oil from light .

Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is one of the top selling brands in the country. It is also rated very high by New York Times, and has won “Best Everyday Cooking Oil” award from men’s health magazine. The Colavita family from Italy made this olive oil and it has being a family business since 1912, this account for it consistent visible quality in the olive oil.

The olive oil has a fruity touch in it flavor which is simple and subtle. There is a slight feel of mild pepper with a bitter note. This attests to the quality of this great olive oil. It congeals when the weather is cold, which is a normal behavior of all oils. This does not reduce the quality of the oil in any form. It is the perfect oil for baking, drizzling. It has a nice colorful container, which keeps it safe from light. It is reasonably priced for an olive oil of such quality.

Kirkland Signature Extra virgin oil

The USDA certifies this extra virgin olive oil. The olives used are first cold press; this adds a flawless flavor to your dishes. It adds a distinct taste and an exceptional feeling to your dish. Its beautiful bottle keeps the olive oil inside fresher and helps to increase the olive oil’s shelf life. It offers low sodium and it is cholesterol free to keep the heart and other vital organs in good condition.

It has a grassy aroma and its flavor has a mild peppery feel. It is smooth and slightly pungent; this will mostly appeal to many people. It has a wild range of application, which cut across many dishes. It can be used for baking as well as for drizzling your dishes. Its bitterness is just enough to please olive oil pundit.


With consideration to the positive influence of olive oil to our health, buying any of these products does you better than you can afford. However, edible items are sensitive, especially if you have medical conditions or allergies. Stick to the prescriptions and considerations for purchase to be on the safer side. Although it is not exactly considered a medicine, telling your doctor about your new adoption for olive oil consumption is a very good idea.

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