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Best pencil sharpener

Best pencil sharpener


Sharp pencils help in drawing textures and details.



The difficulty of sharpening a wooden pencil depends on the quality of the tool your knowledge of the art itself. If you have this tool and a good practical knowledge of how to sharpen a pencil, then you are closer to sharpening your pencil to perfection. The best pencil sharpeners do not only sharpen your pencil with a clean cut, they also function in keeping these pencils in good condition.

There are different types of these sharpeners including the electric, manual and mechanical types. The best electric pencil sharpeners use electricity mostly from a battery to operate the sharpening mechanism, while the mechanical type works with mechanical parts driven by the hands to operate the sharpening mechanism. The manual type is the traditional type that is strictly hand operated with no mechanisms to ease the process.

Regardless of the type, these pencil sharpeners are so versatile that they can be the best pencil sharpeners for artists, students, children etc.

Tips To Consider When Buying the Best Pencil Sharpener

With so many factors to consider, purchasing the best pencil sharpeners is not as easy as it might sound or look. Regardless of the type of pencil sharpener that you like i.e. electric, mechanical or manual type, the factors to consider for purchasing them are the same.


You should make sure the size of the Pencil sharpener you intend to purchase would be able to accommodate all size of pencils. The most common Pencil size is the 8mm diameter type. There are also types that are up to 10.5mm in diameter.


There are circular, triangular and hexagonal shape Pencils. While some Pencil sharpeners can only handle only specific types, the best pencil sharpeners can handle all types.


The best electric pencil sharpeners, as well as the manual and mechanical types, are not too tough on pencil lead or wood. Avoid pencil sharpeners that sharpen well but compromise the condition of the Pencil and quality of the lead.

Clean Sharpen

Avoid pencils that leave graphite marks on the wood after each sharpening. The best pencil sharpeners always leave a clean and residue free pencil after sharpening.

Top Seven Best Pencil Sharpeners

Despite having adequate knowledge of the factors to consider when buying the best pencil sharpeners, making a choice can be confusing. To erase your worries, here is a list of our top seven recommendations based on our research. The list includes all types of pencil sharpeners.

Prismacolor Scholar Pencil Sharpener

The Prismacolor Scholar Pencil Sharpener sharpens your pencils to a flawless point, traditionally. Despite its simplicity, this pencil sharpener is very popular due to its good performance. It is specifically for colored pencils.


This simple to use Pencil sharpener gently sharpens your pencils with utmost precision with a steel blade. It sharpens your pencil without shaving too much of it away. It is compact and small in size, which makes portability, not a question. The pencil sharpener container is easy to open for you to throw away the shavings and snap it back in place. The container has a translucent green body that allows you to see when the pencil shaving has filled up.


  • It is very portable and can fit into your pockets.
  • Its translucent container makes you sharpen your pencils without any mess.
  • It is ideal for colored pencils.
  • It is cheap and easy to use.

Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener

The Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener is another top rated pencil sharpener that fits the bill for all kinds of pencil users. It sharpens well and gives your pencils a fine finish each time you sharpen them.


This pencil sharpener has two different blades at different sharpening angles to give you a fine and smooth finish. The blades have a high-quality steel make, which is tough but gentle on your pencil while you sharpen. One of the blades functions for sharpening the wide point while the other works for sharpening a fine point. It has a small portable size with a transparent housing that enables you to see when the pencil shavings are full.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It gives a finer pencil finish after sharpening.
  • Its transparent housing allows you to monitor the pencil shavings.

Best Electric Pencil Sharpener: X-ACTO School Pro 

The X-ACTO School Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener is a heavy-duty electric sharpener with a durable construction. It is one of the most popular pencil sharpeners in the market.


This pencil sharpener features an electric motor that is silent and provides reliable power to turn the sharpening blades. Its carbon steel blades are durable and gentle on pencils. It has a flyaway cutter, which prevents a pencil from over-sharpening.

Its receptacle is very large and this allows you to see through it. A Safe Start feature stops the sharpener from working when you remove the receptacle. You do not have to worry about power because the pencil sharpener does not consume electricity when it is not in use and it comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • It is very easy and safe to use.
  • There is no over-sharpening.
  • It gives round pencil points when used.
  • It can sharpen pencils of multiple sizes.
  • It is affordable.

Bostitch Twist-N-Sharp Pencil Sharpener

This is one of the best pencil sharpeners and has a special mechanical mechanism it uses in sharpening pencils. The Bostitch Twist-N-Sharp Pencil Sharpener gives your pencils a perfect blunt or pointed tip with just a few back and forth twists.


It has a ratchet mechanism, which makes sharpening quick and easy. An adjustable knob at the bottom allows you to sharpen your pencil to a blunt or pointed tip. A built-in tray accommodates all the pencil shaving with an empty side door, which makes it, is easy to dispose of the shavings. Its Tip Saver Technology™ ensures your pencil does not over-sharpen and this prolongs the life span of your pencil.

The Bostitch Twist-N-Sharp Pencil Sharpener has a compact size, which allows storing to be easy, and it comes in three different colors.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It’s ratchet mechanism makes sharpening fast.
  • It is compact and small.
  • You can sharpen your pencil to a pointed or blunt tip.

OfficePro Helical Electric Pencil Sharpener

The OfficePro Helical Electric Pencil Sharpener is a durable pencil sharpener for all types of pencils including golf and drafting pencils. You can sharpen one pencil after another without compromising on its service.


The OfficePro Helical Electric Pencil Sharpener is battery operated with four AA batteries. It has a vertical design with a compact and ergonomic feature, which allows you to hold it firmly. It’s razor sharp blade is durable and gives your pencil a fine point every time you sharpen it. An auto stop operation prevents your pencil from over-sharpening. A secured shavings tray collects all the pencil shavings. If you open the tray during sharpening, a safety feature stops the blade immediately to protect your fingers. Its lifetime replaces guarantee allows you to replace this product when you have any troubles with it.


  • It is very effective.
  • It prevents over-sharpening.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener

The Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener features in our list of the top pencil sharpeners because it is one of the best electric sharpeners on the market. It has a great modern look and fits well in any space.


The powerful motor, which this pencil sharpener works on, is reliable and stall free. Its compact design saves space and makes it easy to store. There is a shavings tray, which holds the pencil shavings and allows easy disposal when full. The shavings tray also has a safety design of preventing sharpening operation when you remove the tray. With its HHC™ Cutter technology, this pencil sharpener will give you nothing short of a precise and clean sharpening and prolong the cutter life.


  • It gives clean and perfect sharpening.
  • It is fast and effective.
  • It is safe to use.

LINKYO Heavy Duty Electric Pencil Sharpener

Finally in this list of our top seven best pencil sharpeners is the LINKYO Electric Pencil Sharpener, which has a reputation of a top-notch electric pencil sharpener. This vertical pencil sharpener has a number of features that makes it worthy of the hype.


The exterior of this pencil sharpener is a durable and transparent plastic, which allows you see through its shaving tray. Its helical sharpening blades can sharpen pencils for thousands of times without showing signs of wear when sharpening and its spiral drill design prevents the pencil from having uneven sharpening. A Smart Stop Technology will automatically turn the sharpener off when the pencil tip reaches the perfect point. In addition, with its Auto Jam Release feature, you never have to worry about your Pencils jamming.


  • It has many useful features.
  • It is very effective.


You cannot get maximum satisfaction in any pencil usage activity you engage in until you invest on the best Pencil sharpeners. Asides from giving you a smooth and fine pencil tip, these tools can also help to extend the lifespan of your pencil thereby saving cost.


The best markers for adult coloring books

Best markers for adult coloring books

The best markers for adult coloring books are the ones that make you feel like a kid, but offer the subtlety and sophistication to color a work of art you can show off to grownups. Kids’ markers are cheaper, but they wear out quickly and don’t have as good quality pigments, so you won’t get the vibrance you will get from adult art markers.
Many people want to know what are good markers for coloring.

Copic markers in a rainbow of hues

We’ve picked our top 5 favorites, but  lots of brands work fine. These quality art supplies we’ve listed make your work shine. Regardless of what you use, your effort and imagination are the main ingredient.

Why markers? You can use lots of different media, such as colored pencils, aquarelles, crayons, paint, or liquid ink. But markers give an especially vibrant, bright look to intricate patterns.

You can use markers to draw, paint, and layer, getting delicate shades or bright, saturated color. Markers are affordable and you can buy a small pack, or go wild with dozens of colors.


Best Markers for Adult Coloring books: top 5 picks

Copic markers

Copic markers are alcohol-based, permanent dye and non-toxic. They come in 358 colors, ranging from soft and subtle to bold and vibrant. They have a dual tip-brush tip and chisel tip, which is a great combination for coloring. Copics are made in Japan and each marker is hand-tested three times before it ships out.

They come in four types: Original, Wide, Sketch, and the smaller Copic Ciao. The Sketch line is the most popular and the one we recommend. It has the highest amount of colors (334) of all the Copics. You can fit different nibs into the Sketch line, including the blender, bullet, and brush tips.

Best Copic marker: Copic Sketch
Best Copic marker tip: Brush tip

The Copic Ciao line is also great for coloring books, if you prefer ?? tips.

The Copic Marker full set of 72 Sketch markers is a splurge, but will keep you happily busy for a lifetime.

Copic also has a colorless blender marker, but it’s a bit different than Tombow’s. Rather than really blend, the Copic colorless pen removes some color as well as lets you push colors a bit on the paper. The blender pen is sold separately. If you don’t have one, you can substitute a small paintbrush with hand sanitizer such as Purel–anything that’s over 65% alcohol will work in a similar way.

You can get a variety of replaceable Copic nibs of different shapes. You can even buy markers that are empty and mix your own colors.

Best of all, Copics are refillable. There’s no need to buy new markers when one runs out of ink. You can buy a container of refill ink that will fill your Copic marker over and over.


Flow and output are smooth
Oval body keeps them from rolling away
Copic Sketch line has color name and number on top of cap for easy identification
Long-lasting, very durable–nibs don’t get ruined by pressing down
Refillable–more “green” since you only have to buy the markers once
Nibs are replaceable; different-shaped nibs available
Guaranteed 3-year shelf life (as long as you leave the cap on)
Very vibrant colors


Pricey–because they are artist-grade
Not completely bleed-proof
The longer tip is harder to control

Markers similar to Copic

Spectrum Noir B005ONTJ0U alcohol-based markers are also refillable and have replacement nibs available, as well as a blender pen that’s sold separately from the sets. If you’re just starting out they can be a good option.

Prismacolor (see below) are also somewhat similar to Copic.

Best paper for Copic markers

If you want to use your Copics to draw outside of coloring books, here are some recommendations. You can also take these into consideration when choosing which coloring books to purchase.

The best paper for Copic markers is thick to avoid bleeds, durable and high-quality to last and not tear or pill, and smooth, to allow for blending effects. The paper should show light-dark contrast well. Toothy paper will cause snags. You also don’t want a surface so slick that the ink pools. Good papers will also allow you to do stamping, a popular craft activity with Copic markers. Card stock and Bristol Board are both recommended.

Copic Marker 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch Express Blending Card, White, 125 Per Pack
This is a type of card stock. It’s silky and smooth, and you can use it in your inkjet or laser printer, so you could print out copies of your line art and color it. You can also do stamping.

Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad, 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch

Strathmore Bristol Smooth
Bristol board is some of the best paper for Copic markers because of its smoothness.

Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Markers

There are two kinds of Prismacolor Premier Double-ended Markers: fine and brush tip or fine and chisel tip. I prefer the brush tip here as well, since I’m used to painting. It’s up to you, but I think it’s easier to get better control with the brush tip than the chisel tip. The chisel tips take some practice getting used to the different angles.

Prismacolor Premier Double-ended Markers are less expensive than Copics and have beautiful colors. They are best used for detailed work. Like Copics, they use a dye-based alcohol ink that ensures a smooth and silky ink flow. Prismacolors should be stored horizontally, in order to prevent them from drying out.


Most suitable for creating both sweeping, gestural strokes and detailed line work
Wide variety of 156 colors
Can be purchased individually or in sets
Do not dry out quickly


Nibs not replaceable
Some may find them too wide to grip comfortably
A few complaints of getting dried-out ones (they seem to single out a particular color of brown, suggesting perhaps that a batch was not stored vertically?)

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens have a superfine, metal-clad tip. These fine-point adult coloring markers are perfect for putting down intricate details even in a limited area.


Colors are vibrant and distinct
Comfortable to grip
Ink does not dry out quickly
Ergonomic, comfortable triangular shape
Won’t dry out if cap left off for days
Not streaky
No bleedthrough with most types of paper

You can combine these with wider tip stabilo 68s, as they are the same formulation so work well together.



Thin pens take more work to cover large areas of paper.

Tombow Dual Brush Markers

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Tombow Dual Brush Markers are very versatile. They are water-based and come with a colorless blender pen that you use with the color pens to get a beautiful watercolor effect.  The tips can create fine, medium or bold strokes ideal for drawing and lettering. They have a flexible nylon fiber brush tip (a brush tip is not literally a brush, but rather a flexible tip) on one end that creates medium or bold strokes depending how hard you press, and a fine tip on the other end for smooth, straight lines.

Some blending techniques can include touching two pens tip to tip, then using them to get an interesting two-toned effect, or then blending that effect to get an ombre. Try it!

Best of all, both tips of the pens are easy to clean by scribbling on clean scrap paper. You first blend color pens on firm paper to achieve the desired color, then use the blender pen. They should be used on watercolor paper, because they are similar to watercolors. You can blend them with watercolor brushes if you wish. Using the blender pen, though, will require less water and thus cause less pilling of paper. It’s important to use the blender pen, as using the markers without it will not bring optimal results.

Tombow markers have a bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth the effort to get the gorgeous results you can get with them. They’re our pick for best adult coloring markers because they’re water-based, so you don’t need to worry about fumes. Though alcohol-based markers are nont0xic, they do have a little bit of odor.

Tombows really need to be used with the blender brush. You can also try a waterpen, a brush that hold water, a great tool with its own reservoir that gives you a steady flow of clean water.


Dual tips – a pointy brush tip and a fine-point tip
The hard tip allows for fine detail
Self-cleaning pen tips


Not great in filling large spaces because they overlap and leave streaks

Requires some learning and practice

rainbow B01JDYS9CE

The hues match the caps but after applying them in layers they look darker.

Best fine-tipped adult coloring markers for those on a budget

Stabilo 88 are fine-pointed markers for some reason are disguised to look like pencils, a fun idea.

Stabilo 88 B00ATBRJRC


Great for details
You can go over areas several times
6-sided geometric shape stops them from rolling
Comfortable to hold
No bleedthrough with most types of paper–though more than the Staedtler
Fun pencil design


Can be scratchy
Not many light colors in this set
Dark colors have some bleedthrough


Tips for coloring with markers: the basics

First lay down a light layer, then let it dry. Many marker artists prefer to use light colors first, then darks, then medium. You can leave some of your drawing white as a highlight if you choose. There’s no one right or wrong way to color, it’s what works best for you. Drawing in tiny circles instead of lines will reduce streaking, as will keeping your tip on paper rather than lifting it while applying color to an area.

You can get great texture and additional color variety by using colored pencils on top of the marker colors.

Getting impatient with drying time? Use a hair blowdryer to speed it up.

For white lines or small shapes as highlights, use the white Marvy gel highlighter. (??)

If your alcohol-based marker is dry, dip the tip in alcohol. Same for water-based–try dipping it in water.

Need to clean off alcohol-based marker? It won’t come off with water, but try an alcohol-based hand sanitizer such as Purell.

Pick a palette.

Study a color wheel.

You may want to try simpler coloring books to work on color for a while, or just jump into the intricately patterned ones. Fine-pointed tips are best for the tiny areas in those patterns.

Think about foreground and background. Warmer colors tend to seem closer to us than cooler colors, which recede (with exceptions, and this is actually not so much a natural phenomenon as an artistic convention).

Tips to guide you in choosing the best markers.

Good markers used for coloring should have ink that flows easily, that lasts a long time without drying, that blends easily, and have durable, flexible tips that bounce back, as you may often want to press them down to create different shapes.

A healthy variety of colors to a set, including primaries and a good balance of other colors, lights, and darks. We recommend getting at least 20 colors to start. It’s usually cheaper to buy a set than the same colors individually.

Bleedproof. This should be a major priority when looking out for markers because some markers bleed through your coloring page, making a professional piece look messy unless you’re using a single-sided pages. It depends on the thickness and type of paper.  You can test the markers one of the mostly blank cover pages to check if they bleed. If you get bleed-through, slip a piece of cardboard or scrap paper behind the page.

Markers come with their ink suspended in different fluids. The four types include alcohol, water, oil, and solvents.

Alcohol-based markers have tips suspended in an alcohol. Sharpie, Copic, and Prismacolor are popular alcohol-based markers. They dry pretty quickly but are not the fastest-drying. They are waterproof. Alcohol-based markers are non-toxic and do not have a strong odor.  Still, they should be used in a well-ventilated room.

Water-based markers are suspended in water and glycerin. They are odorless and nontoxic. Most kids’ markers are water-based, such as Marvy brush markers or Magic Markers. Some of the best coloring markers for adults, such as Tombow brand, are also water-based. They are the simplest and most affordable, and can be blended  to create watercolor effects.

Solvent-based markers are waterproof and long lasting. The solvents used can be methyl isobutyl, ketone, or xylene, which can all cause dizziness, headaches and nausea. They can used on porous and nonporous surfaces. Ensure you use a well-ventilated workspace when coloring. Chartpak Ad is one brand of solvent-based marker. We steer clear of solvent-based markers here, since most people are coloring at home and not thinking in “workplace safety” terms.

Oil-based markers We don’t recommend oil-based markers for our purposes here. Oil-based paint markers enamel-like. They are good if you want a marker that can write on glass, metal, stone, or other surfaces. (You can also write on those surfaces using alcohol-based markers.)

When blending markers, stick to the same brand of marker. Different ones don’t always work well together, but you can experiment on scrap paper. You can, of course, use different brands in different areas. Once dry, you can sometimes layer.

Adding alcohol or solvent-based markers on top of art that has been done with water-based marker works better than adding water-based marker to a layer of art that has been colored with alcohol or solvent-based marker.

Markers come in various tip sizes and types. These depends on the ink type and tip material. They include:

Fine tip – These are suitable for small, intricate details.

Medium Tip – a bit thicker than the fine, tip and grips the paper in a way that conceals the little imperfections when coloring.

Broad-based – these are best for poster boards, art projects, presentations, and filling in large areas.

Brush tip – I like these the most, since I’m used to painting. I think they are best for coloring books because of the flexibility of the nib. It has a greater range of size that changes depending on how much pressure is applied. You can get a thin line using the tip.

Bullet tip

Chisel tip

Markers are not generally archival, since they were originally made for art that would be photographed, not put on display. Modern ones are more stable than the earlier kinds. To preserve vibrancy, keep your work out of bright light (or closed in the coloring book).

Acid-free, archival markers

Some archival markers are Copic Multiliners, Sharpies, and the Faber-Castell PITT line. The PITT line includes brush pens.

Why use markers?

Markers are good if you have issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis in your hands. You can get rich, deep colors without having to use much pressure or build up a lot of layers as with pencils.

If you have hand problems, you may want to use a rubber pen grip which will protect you from injury as you may color for hours without realizing it! It’s called being in a state of flow.

Markers let you work quickly–drying time is seconds, or minutes at the most depending how much pigment you’ve laid down and which type of marker. It’s important to use good quality paper with markers.

Most coloring books for adults use high-quality paper. Markers are less forgiving than some media if you make a mistake, though there are things you can do, which we’ll discuss below.

You can also put markers away quickly, and take them out again. We busy grownups rarely have much time to color, so it’s great to not worry about a lot of prep time and cleanup.

Markers are also easy to carry around so you can grab those free moments to create on the go. And, you don’t need to sharpen markers.

With all these great choices, you should have no trouble finding your favorites among the best markers for adult coloring books.


Best colored pencils for adult coloring books

Best colored pencils for adult coloring books


Artistic drawings and coloring has provided a medium for people of all ages to express themselves while getting some entertainment and unwinding. It is an excellent form of relaxation and stress relieving as well.
For adults, this trend is rising with no end in sight even for those who have no artistic skill. The world of adult coloring requires coloring books, a set of coloring pencils, pens and/or paints. While the quality of coloring book matters, using the best-colored pencils for adult coloring books completes the puzzle for the perfectcoloring tools.
What are the best-Colored pencils for adult coloring books made of?
Colored pencils have been widely accepted in the art community. They have turned out to be a staple commodity for artists and hobbyists. The best-colored pencils for adult coloring books have vibrant color, blend well, and last long.
The number of applications of these pencils varies and not all of them are the same. Some use water to top up the ink while others don’t. Apart from this, several things will influence your choice, such as variance in size, shape, available colors, price and your method of application.
Pigmentation, additives and binding agents associated with colored pencils will also influence your choice. Method of application includes how well you handle a pencil when drawing, your style of drawing and the drawing book you intend to use.
Some drawing papers will take color pencils well, while on others they will look faded and washed out. To avoid this, visit an art store and make sure you test different pencils on your drawing book before going ahead to spend your money on a box of pencils.

Top rated colored pencils for adult coloring books
There are wide varieties of colored pencils options in the market.This makes it a daunting task to choose one that will suit your needs. Humans are dynamic and our preferences are different likewise our budget.
Here is a list of our top rated colored pencils for adult coloring books to make your search easier. These products boast of exceptional quality on all fronts including a great price and they have many positive reviews from customers.
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 48 Pack
The Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core has creamy cores that provide good finishing and contains 48 premium colored pencils. These soft, thick cores are perfect for shading and shadows and are appealing to artists for blending, and layering. It has thick, robust leads, which resist cracking and chipping, making them perfect for adult coloring books.
They are rich in saturated pigment, laying ultra-smooth lines of intense color at every stroke. This is the best coloring pencils for beginners and professional in coloring due to its simplicity. It renders professional coloring techniques unnecessary.
If you perfect your pressure control and sharpening technique of these pencils, then you are set to go.
* Rich pigment quality
* Smooth, velvety application
* Wide selection of colors
* Extremely easy to blend
* Affordable
* Shatter-prone lead
* Difficult to sharpen without breaking

Derwent Drawing Pencils, Inktense, 4mm Core, Metal Tin, Watercolor, 24 Per Pack
These pencils are popular choices among artist who specialize in animations and graphics. They have ink like colors, which are intense and highly pigmented.With a highly blendable texture in a range of jewel-like colors, blue barrel with color end tab for easy identification. It offers a translucent effect for bold, expressive drawings with a round 8mm barrel and a wide 4mm core. When combined with water it becomes inky.
DerwentInktense watercolors will last on a variety of mediums with the highest light fastness value on the market. Once dry, the color wash is permanent. This is a no problem for you irrespective of the drawing book you own.
* Intense color quality
* Versatile use
* Extremely lightfast
* Very durable
* Expensive
* Lack of light colors
* Difficult to blend

Faber-Castel 110060 Polychromos Colored Pencil Set In Metal Tin, 60 Pieces
The Faber-Castel 110060 Polychromos Colored Pencil unfolds its vibrant colors when used for graphics, rendition of plans or artistic freestyle. It has bonded leads to prevent breakage, which ensures perfect combination with graphite pencils. The leads are acid free with a smudge-proof and water-resistant thick oil pastel for soft color stroke.
This package contains sixty 3.8mm colored pencils in a wide range of colors within one metal tin case. With their range of high quality, extremely lightfast colors, this brand makes one heck of a colored pencil. You can buy it as individual pencils or in various assorted sets.
* Rich pigment
* Smooth application
* Shatterproof lead
* Sharpens easily
* Intense color finish
* Very expensive
* Slightly more difficult to blend than other brands

CaranD’acheSupracolor Metal Box Set Of 30
TheCaranD’acheSupracolorcolored pencils are beautiful, blendable, and soft and water-soluble made in Switzerland. They are available for use in either wet or dry form. When used in its dry form or in wet form for, it still gives unlimited blending possibilities. Either way, their thick 3.7 mm cores offer exceptional covering power and excellent light fastness.
It is available individually or in sets with a full listing of the colors in each set, located on the item specification table. Moreover, the sets come in a sturdy hinge-lid tins package. Combination with Carand’Ache Pablo Colored Pencils is possible.
* Varied count sets
* Wide range of colors
* Sturdy and durable
* Intense, high-quality pigment
* Excellent dry and wet results
* It is expensive

Stabilo 8830-1 88 Point 30 Color Wallet
This brand of colored pencils has sturdy bullet tips and brilliant, intense colors perfect for layout, detail and sketching. The design is unique with long lasting longwearing tips encased in a metal. These sets include a variety of vibrant colors in convenient plastic wallets to produce beautiful artwork every time.
The odorless water-based ink will not bleed. Its pens can sustain a long cap off time without drying out. It has ventilated caps for safety and for use with stencils and rulers.
* Does not bleed through the page
* Lasts forever
* Doesn’t dry out if cap is left off for several hours
* Caps snap securely shut
* Very well constructed and resilient
* The tip does not develop dry spots, so you can easily draw a smooth continuous line without having to retrace it
* Grip is not very firm
* Not very water-resistance