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best yogurt maker

Best yogurt makers reviewed: creamy, dreamy

Five best yogurt makers reviewed

Homemade yogurt is one of the healthiest foods. You can make an infinite variety of flavors. The tartness of yogurt goes great with something sweet, like fruit or honey, or salty. Yogurt is a great side dish and a big part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Making your own yogurt is much better for you than buying it because it will have billions of active probiotic cells. Storebought yogurt has been sitting a while and a lot of the good bacteria won’t be alive by the time it gets to your plate.

The best yogurt maker is one that’s easy to use and has excellent temperature control. Temperature control ensures perfect fermentation of the starter culture every time.

It should be easy to clean, have simple to understand controls, a durable cord, durable, drop-proof, leakproof, replacement parts available

You can make yogurt without any device at all, with just some starter culture, milk, cheesecloth, and a jar. But it’s difficult to control the temperature, so hard to get the best results. Many yogurt makers are very inexpensive, even under $20. 

Why you should buy a yogurt maker

Flavored yogurt in stores is full of refined sugar. Eating a fruit-flavored yogurt is like eating jelly. Any health benefits are nearly canceled out by the sugar. If you must buy yogurt and you want it to taste sweet, buying plain yogurt and adding fruit and/or honey is better for you.

Plain yogurt is also great as a side dish for a lot of foods or a whipped cream substitute. A lot of storebought yogurt also has additives such as thickeners, preservatives, and added colors—if you see a long list of ingredients, that’s a bad sign. You also won’t always be told what’s in the milk. 

You know exactly what’s in homemade yogurt you make yourself. There’s no added sugar, preservatives, or chemicals. You can choose the milk and use organic or BST-free. You can also make non-dairy homemade yogurt.


Though store-bought yogurt has live cultures, by the time it gets to the store most of them are dead, according to renowned integrative physician Dr. Leo Galland. Fresh yogurt provides billions of live, beneficial probiotics. Science is in agreement that gut flora is vital to our entire immune system, and even strongly affects the brain.

When you make your own yogurt it’s easy to incorporate yogurt into your daily life. That’s the best way to get the probiotic boost. Most probiotic flora do not grow on their own in your system. You need to keep eating them to replenish the supply.

Making your own yogurt is a lot cheaper than buying storebought. You’re not paying for the yogurt packaging, marketing, labor, and other expenses. Many yogurt makers are really inexpensive, and even the higher-end ones will quickly pay for themselves in savings if you use them regularly.

Making yogurt is easy and even fun. You’ll save trips to the store, too. It’s satsfying to make your own food, and it’s truly taking care of yourself and those you share with. 

Yogurt making is a time-honored tradition in many cultures. So by fermenting yogurt cultures, you’re partaking in cultural traditions. Fermenting foods is fun and interesting, and you can teach your kids a little science lesson.

You may decided to go on to making other fermented foods, such as delicious kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchee, vinegar, or pickles, or more. You can also try out different cultures of yogurt that are enjoyed in different parts of the world—a vacation in a cup.

In addition, making your own is a lot greener than buying it. If you eat a cup of yogurt per day, that’s 7 containers a week, or one or two larger, often plastic containers, that go into a landfill. Yes, you might reuse the paper or plastic containers, but there’s only so many you can find uses for. Even if they get recycled, that still uses energy and resources. It’s far greener to just make your own using glass cups. 

Choosing the best yogurt maker

There are several types of yogurt makers on the market. The most common type is —which works by—

However, with the best yogurt makers, you can have different flavors of your choice anytime of the day, and at an affordable cost.
The yogurt maker is a compact machine for making homemade yogurt. This technique of making yogurt is advantageous. This is because it produces healthier yogurt because it allows you to control the fat and sugar content as well as cut out artificial flavoring, preservatives, and artificial additives. You can also try out different flavors, all at the comfort of your home. What it requires is to you to pour any kind of milk, press a few buttons and wait for few minutes for it to be finished.

Yogurt maker buying guide
If you are considering adding one of these appliances to your kitchen, there are a few things to look out for depending on your preference and budget. The most important of these include:
Many people love yogurt, and there’s a pretty good chance that once your friends and families find out that you have bought a yogurt maker, you would have much more visitors than usual. Make sure the size of the container is enough to, at least, make a round for a full house. Its cool to have both sizes though – serving size and the huge tub.
Ease of Use:
What you’re making is a yogurt. You shouldn’t have to be stressed because you pressed the wrong buttons or some other complicated feature. It should have the simplest modes of operation and make the best version of your craving.
This has a lot to do with both the machine and the container. Spills are not avoidable, however, if you yogurt maker is easy to clean, you won’t be bothered when the inevitable happens. Maintenance becomes easier with this feature.
You shouldn’t have to spend too much to get the best out of a yogurt maker even if you plan on going commercial with it. The best version of any product would have the best feature in a perfect blend and come at the most affordable prices possibly.
Best yogurt makers on Amazon
I have followed my own advice in compiling this list of the best yogurt makers for you. These products reviewed below all have their unique features and benefits designed to provide the best homemade yogurt experience at affordable rates depending on what suits you the most.
Dash Greek Yogurt Maker
This is a machine that is used to produce delicious, healthy and probiotic Greek yogurt – the delight of many people. The best part is that it allows you to get the optimum temperature – and it alerts you when it’s done at the comfort of your home.
It only requires store-bound yogurt, choice of milk(soy or almond) and other fresh ingredient before starting the timer.The design contains a strainer- this is used to control the thickness it comes with bonuses like Quick Start manual – for beginners, two travel jars, and two push pops. It is easy to store and comes with two choices of colors, pink or Blue.
* Easy to use
* Auto-shutoff feature
* Affordable
* Any of kind of milk can be used
* It comes with a warranty.
* large capacity.
* Easy to clean due to the dishwasher safe.
* It includes an instruction manual.
* Comes with a LCD digital timer.
* The interior containers are not compatible with dishwashers

Epica Homemade Organic “Set and Go” Yogurt Maker
This machine comes with an easy start manual tasty recipe, which makes it a great choice for a beginner. The best part of this machine is that it allows you set it and forget it – just add your ingredient, set the timer and then, return to whatever thing you may be doing until the product is finished.It takes about 6 -12hours to finish making the yogurt depending on the amount.
You can use any type of milk or milk alternative such as soy or almond milk, and can make different types of yogurt in the household, because it comes with seven individual jars.The machine is very affordable.
* Easy to use.
* Affordable.
* It comes with a warranty.
* It allows you to make individual jars, adding different flavors to each if desired.
* It maintains the temperature for you.
* Any kind of milk can be used
* Each jar has a lid, so they can be stored in the fridge immediately.
* Doesn’t take up a lot of counter space because of its small size.
* Great for starters
* The instructions are very limited.
* The jars come out very hot and hard to handle.
* The yogurt made in this machine is a bit runnier than traditional yogurt.

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling
This appliance is a sleek stainless all-in-one package.The design of this machine is such that you can just sit back and wait for this machine to produce your favorite milk yogurt; it adjusts it to the perfect temperature, and then automatically switches it to the ideal chilling temperature when it’s done.
It is easy to operate – you can start and stop your machine by simply touching a button with time control that can be used to set the recommended processing time and a LED display that shows the countdown processing time clearly.
* 50 ounce capacity
* Simple one-touch operation
* A clear LED display
* It is backed with a warranty.
* Quite expensive
* temperature is not adjustable

Yogourmet Yogurt Maker
This machine is a perfect choice for making homemade yogurt without additives or preservatives. One unique feature it has is the water bath system, which creates an even and uniform heating wall around the inner container for consistency. It can make up to 2 quarts of your favorite type of milk yogurt at a time. It is made from PVC and BPA material.

* Ideal for making fresh organic homemade yogurt
* Unique water bath system
* Makes up to 2 quarts at once
* Comes with instructions and a simple thermometer.
* Maintains the ideal temperature for a healthy and fresh organic yogurt every time.
* Perfect for anyone on the specific carbohydrate diet.
* LED timer display

* an indicator or timer not present
* Lacks temperature control
* Plastic components may crack over time

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker
This machine like most yogurt makers provides natural, creamy and rich yogurt, which allows you to control the thickness, sweetness, and fat content. It can make your yogurt in just 6 to 10 hours, depending on the desired thickness. It comes with seven 6-ounce glass jars, with lids for different flavors as desired. An added bonus is the on/off switch for convenience.

* Makes yogurt in 6 to 10 hours
* 42 ounce capacity
* Clear lid for easy viewing
* Includes individual portioning jars.

* Doesn’t come with a thermometer
* Lids can leak
* No automatic shutoff
* Timer requires extra monitoring during fermentation.